Goodbye 2016!

I was actually quite glad for 2016 to be over. It’s been one of those years where you only hoped it would end quickly.

My drama filled year started in January when my mum fell ill with what we know now as polymyalgia rheumatica. It was difficult to see her struggle to do everyday things that we take for granted like brushing your hair or even getting into the shower. Because of her illness I had to work 70 hours a week and then I became sick from constantly working. I was only glad to take a break when I could. I valued days off like gold as they were very much a rare luxury I had.

When it became to when my partner got seriously injured – I wasn’t able to take leave to see her, which was a big deal for me. Lana tore her Achilles Tendon off the bone so I’m sure having me around would of been a bigger help for all of us. But no. I was only allowed one visit.


Fast forward to September and I ended up quitting my job to work for a lot less hours and a lot more freedoms. My own health was far more important than a few extra dollars in the bank. I absolutely loathed working there in the end, look – the tasks were fine, it was the way I was treated in the end that made me very much disillusioned to continue working for that company.

Sometimes work can be a means to an end but I’ve learnt that if you’re not happy in the situation you’re in, don’t ignore the issue just because your work is a means to an end.

2016 was the learning curve of my life. That’s when I realised that working a 9-5 is just not me. 

My new online business hopefully I can try to become a digital nomad.

Don’t get me wrong I love my job I’m in now, but I’ll tell you I don’t have the same work ethic that the rest of my family has towards their job (hence why I am the outcast) working for someone else’s dream is just not me. I would rather work towards my own goals and dreams and get what I am owed for what I do. Lots of people think that I’m on my phone all the time or don’t associate with lots of people. What they don’t see is me working by butt off.

Enough of that.

2016 had a lot more positives for me. I got my new iPhone 6S Plus in February and after buying a few more things equipment wise, it gave me the idea to create a vlog for my YouTube channel which was becoming quite stagnant, so MiCity was born out of that and that then became just a bigger vlog. I ended up buying cameras, microphones, tripods and selfie sticks and it has made me a serious vlogger. I’ve now got my vlog monetised which means I get some money from my views, of course not much but it’s certainly a passion to keep doing what I’m doing to make vlogging my career.

This means I began a Diploma in Screen and Media which has opened my eyes up to the world of filmography and better ways to edit and film my vlog. I’m still in the introductory stages of my Diploma but it’s a massive thrust in the right direction.

Obviously have a long way to go to start getting decent income but even to earn $1.00 off my video does mean a lot to me

Talking about learning, in 2016 it was a goal of mine to learn some Korean before I headed to Seoul for my holiday.

My Korean lessons at university were a success despite the brick walls I faced in my own life

I ended up doing a Monday night class at the University of Queensland to get the language downpacked but also I used the Talk To Me In Korean lessons to help as well. I am thankful I learnt some Korean before I left because I know I would of struggled in Seoul if I didn’t.

But the bonuses of being a westerner speaking Korean to a Korean has paid off immensely, I’ve made new friends and got a lot of free food out of it!

The infamous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. I hope on my return to Japan I don’t have to wade through ankle deep water again…

I also spent 5 days in Tokyo, Japan in 2016 – even though it rained the entire time due to a Typhoon – I am in the planning stage of returning to Japan in October as it was somewhere that I did not explore enough of. If I had planned that holiday better I would of loved to of seen the Panasonic Wild Knights rugby team play. 

I seriously miss these. You cannot get iced matcha lattes and onigiri in Australia like this and at this price!

I hope in the next few weeks that I can book the flights to go to Japan in October. 

I also visited Canberra, Australia’s capital for the ANZAC Day ceremony in April. It was one of those amazing experiences you have to do once in your life as an Australian or New Zealander. The day before the service I fitted in a rugby match with my Super Rugby team I support, the Crusaders being in Canberra. I also stayed at the same hotel as them and had two wonderful players in Israel Dagg and Marty McKenzie helping me with my bags into the hotel – I must be that popular!

ANZAC Day dawn service ceremony at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. Once in a lifetime experience.
Israel Dagg and I in Canberra. It was Passover so I had my Tichel on

I also went to an All Blacks game in New Zealand for the first time since 2009 – and what an amazing match to watch. It was around that 55-60 minutes mark that when the All Blacks turned on another gear and it became a tryfest. I also got on TV and was recognised immediately. My Facebook blew up with people seeing me on TV!

Walking out of the stadium after the game was interesting when your Facebook crashed twice because people kept on messaging you to let you know they saw you on TV!

2017’s rugby trips hopefully will take me across the ditch back to Christchurch, plus Melbourne and Sydney as trips in the works. I had planned to go to Dunedin for Bledisloe but I decided that since I am going to Japan and the Bledisloe will be held in Brisbane, I’ll give it a miss. The great news is that the Crusaders are playing in Brisbane in 2017 and also the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens is happening next month as well.

New Years Resolutions – being able to see the Crusaders play more in Christchurch would be nice

Here is my vlog to commemorate 2016, it is some of the best bits I loved about 2016. It might look a little bit Korea focused but that’s only because I love a lot of the footage I took there compared to visiting New Zealand or any of the stuff I did in Brisbane as well.

2017 will be exciting with the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens being my first new vlog series of 2017 – so stay tuned.


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