My Favourite Place In The Entire World

I’ve travelled over 200,000kms in the last 3 years, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, I can tick them off my list. 

However where is my favourite place in the world?
Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Yes that’s right, right in my own backyard – practically.

The view from The Hermitage Hotel. Aoraki/Mount Cook is the one in the middle. The statue is of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first confirmed person to climb Mount Everest. He climbed Aoraki/Mount Cook several times before he scaled Everest.

There’s been times I’ve needed to switch off, from technology, life and even civilisation (sort of) just to see how it is to really live. 

This place has done it for me.

Yes, there is the village and yes there is a few people residing there, however – being here really shows you how isolated New Zealand truly can be.

The true isolation of Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park can be seen when walking on the tracks around the National Park.

Just some examples of how isolated you are from the real world:

  • No cellphone reception – so you can ditch your cellphones, and that’s right no social media!
  • The closest bank is in Twizel, 42km away. 
  • Also – the closest supermarket is in Twizel as well, so if you plan to visit, bring in your own food and cash as the options are limited in the village.
  • If it’s quiet enough (which it usually is) you can hear the wind coming off the mountains or the avalanches on the mountains

However – surprisingly despite the isolation, approximately 250,000 visitors head to Mt Cook Village each year, and yes there is a few accommodation options in the area ranging from hotels to chalets to hostels and even camping.

On the Kea Point Track in July 2014

I was lucky enough to spend a few nights there at the YHA Mt Cook in July 2014 and it was truly special. 

On a swing bridge on the Hooker Valley Track

I managed to trek on the Kea Point and Hooker Valley tracks whilst I was there, I wasn’t able to finish at Kea Point due to the light (in July the light fades at approximately 4:00pm) but managed the second swing bridge on the Hooker Valley track, which was awesome considering 12 months prior I had been recovering from a broken back.

Conquering the Hooker Valley Track!

There’s some times that civilisation gives you what you need and what you want. But there’s other times you need to really live to find your purpose.

When you find your purpose in life, sometimes it means being isolated from the real world.

16 thoughts on “My Favourite Place In The Entire World

  1. I agree, sometimes the most amazing places are either where we live or nearby. I love visiting National Parks and this one looks amazing, and for me, the isolation is a huge plus. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. NZ is definitely on my list of places to see and now that I am back over this side of the world maybe I’ll get the chance to visit here. Sounds like it is a great place to get away and reconnect with oneself.


  3. New Zealand is number one place on my must visit list and still haven’t made it yet. Just so beautiful. Love the seclusion of this area and all the great hiking you can do there. I can see why its still your favorite!


  4. No wonder why this is your favour place in the world, that lake and the views are stunning!
    New Zealand is one of my dream destinations, but it’s just so hard to visit from Ireland! Hopefully one day I’ll be brave enough to get on a plane for over 20h, if all the scenery is like this, it will be worth it! 🙂


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