Holocaust Remembrance Day #WEREMEMBER 

This is a little off from my usual videos about Travel, Rugby and Korea – but I felt it really needed to be expressed especially since in our culture – we are subjected to racism and xenophobia on a daily basis.

Today is the 27th of January and today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

We remember those who were subjected to the evils of the Holocaust and we also remember not just the Jews as I mention in this vlog but also the Homosexuals, the Sinti and Roma people, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the mentally and physically disabled who died at the hands of the Nazi regime.

Back in 1945 everyone said “We will never forget” “We should ever let this happen” however since 1945, genocide still happens, and this is purely through racially motivated reasons and FEAR.

Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia are just some of the ones you’d remember. Even today in Syria it is happening.

We are all humans. We are all equal.

The World Jewish Congress recently put out a post asking people to put up a sign to say #WEREMEMBER because in our own society we have clearly forgotten the atrocities that happened just only 70 odd years ago.


13 thoughts on “Holocaust Remembrance Day #WEREMEMBER 

  1. Agreed. Funnily enough, the day before is Australia Day, which I like to rant and rave about every year, because it marks the arrival of the First Fleet on the country’s shores, which was the beginning of the horrific slaughter of the Indigenous people. We need to remember these events yes – and definitely not celebrate them – in order to move forward, as a people, together.


  2. It’s so important to remember important events in history like this. Thank you for this reminder and the call to continue the work of treating all groups of people equally!


    1. How old are your kids? Personally I wouldn’t take them til they’re at least teenagers as it’s quite confrontational. I was in tears the entire time I was there – and I was 30 when I did it.

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  3. This was such a moving and thoughtfully written post. I will never forget this horrific event in history, along with (sadly) so many others…thank you for taking the time to prepare and share this.


  4. Thanks for this – very moving. We do need to remember the tragedies of events like these. A big reason I travel is to understand the ways of others. Sure, I may not agree with everyone, but it’s important to be accepting that we are all humans and we all want the same things: love, happiness, good food, and shelter.


  5. Agreed. Remember the black pages of history is important not to repeat. It sad and painful but needed for better future. Thanks for sharing.


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