So it’s now 9 days away til probably one of the most exciting yet rewarding experiences of my career making travel blogs and vlogs about myself travelling for Rugby Union.

It’s ok ladies, I kind of understand if your eyes have glazed over now, but Rugby Union is my life and this is the reason why I travel the globe. I’ve travelled close to 200,000kms for Rugby Union in the last 3 years and it’s been an experience to get to not only see the game in a different country but also the difference in the atmosphere as well!

On 11-12 of February, Suncorp Stadium will host the inaugural Brisbane Global Rugby Tens tournament that has been hosted by Duco Events. 

Over 300 players from 14 teams around the world will come to Brisbane to play in an abbreviated form of Rugby Union and for me it’s not just about rubbing shoulders with the muscly Rugby boys and getting to smell the liniment, it has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually capture this experience in what is going to be a week of Rugby Heaven.

The week leading up to the event there is fan days and also some other public events held for the fans to meet the players and also encourage a boost in the rugby community in Brisbane.

I also have media access to the tournament and it’s pre-tournament events which is quite an exciting thing for me, a small time vlogger, cracking into this market alongside media outlets such as NewsCorp, Fairfax and even the local news!

So how did I get to score such a sweet deal?

Back in October 2016 I was contacted by Matt Carroll from Duco Events in regards to doing some promotional work for the event on another page I run and I was asked if I would like to come to a networking evening in early November to learn more about the event. 

Since I went on behalf of the other page I ran, I didn’t so much want to talk about what my other interests were at the time, but closer to the date I thought it would be perfect to perhaps mention it, mainly because it is my life and my passion and I’d like to share with people what I experienced through travelling for Rugby Union.

So off to the networking meeting I went, and because I was avoiding a thunderstorm, I was the first one at the meeting, and it felt awkward until two ladies named Rachael and Debbie from Duco Events came over and introduced themselves and we spoke business for a while, we then spoke about what I did outside of the other page I ran and it gave me an opportunity to talk about KiwiRugbyTravelStories and also how that I wanted to vlog at this event, so I showed them a few of my videos and said what I wanted to do to expand my filming experiences as I had recently enrolled to do my Diploma in Screen and Media.

After this conversation it was quite a positive feeling as Rachael told her to contact her the next day to organise something as she would like to see me expand my vlogging and also give me a chance to gain experience – I was given her business card, and I looked at it – I was rather shocked, that she was the CEO of Duco Events Australia, so I actually felt really quite positive that something might come out of it.

So a month later, I received a contact back from another member of staff at Duco Events telling me that my equipment had been cleared for entry at Suncorp Stadium and that I had media accreditation for the event and their pre-tournament events as well – so for me this was the biggest stepping stone one could get for not only myself but the tournament as well and honestly I couldn’t thank Duco Events enough for letting me have a chance to have a go and grab more exposure for the channel but also being so patient whilst me, the newbie has asked a thousand questions from locations to when to collect my media accreditation.

This tournament hasn’t just been the only good thing to happen to me recently, because I live some distance away from Brisbane City, I have to stay in Brisbane City during the tournament and I have chosen to stay at a reputable accommodation the closest to Suncorp Stadium, mainly because – yes I am lugging around a lot of equipment with me and it can be somewhat a challenge walking around Brisbane with it all.  

So I chose the YHA Brisbane City as I’ve stayed at many of the Hostelling International branded hostels around the world plus I’ve stayed here many times before, and it is quite good. 

Plus the other reason as mentioned before was location. It is only a 5 minute walk from the stadium, it is across the road from a big chain supermarket, which means I can still cook Paleo whilst I’m not at home and also, it’s a 2 minute walk from the Caxton Street precinct, which means having a few drinks after a days filming.

So what’s all this talk about the YHA?

I ended up approaching the YHA over the weekend just gone in regards to doing a review of their premises in return for some reimbursement or exposure, so I got a response late on Monday saying they’d be happy to put me in a 4 bed female dorm with an ensuite bathroom for no extra charge! I was stoked – as I haven’t been confident enough to cold call businesses for this kind of opportunity.

I really do look forward to reviewing YHA Brisbane City and covering the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens, as I do hope that they give me a platform to expand my channel and blog, plus also give me a chance to collaborate with other local businesses in the near future.


25 thoughts on “EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!

  1. It’s really fantastic that you have got something you really love. And thanks to that you could see so many fascinating places. Good luck in the future events:)


  2. Congratulations! After visiting lot places. You have got fantastic chance, I am sure you are gonna have lot of fun in Suncorp stadium.


  3. It sounds like you’re going to have a great time! I don’t know much about rugby, but your post was very informative and oozing with passion. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Congrats and what an awesome experience. I bet it feels amazing to have people reach out to you. I don’t care too much for sports, it just depends. I don’t mind going to a game in another country to watch one of their sports because it is all about the experience! Congrats again, what an exciting thing to happen!


  5. I am glad to find out how passionate you are about rugby and how thrilled you are to get a chance to follow your passion! Good luck!


  6. Sounds like an exciting experience – Hope you have a great time. And really kind of the YHA to help you out with the accommodation! Enjoy Brisbane!


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