Once a month, I will be doing a review of various things, airlines, accommodation, tours and certain travel related things I’ve found to make my life easy when on the road

During the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens weekend I decided on staying in Brisbane area. I live some distance away from Brisbane so it was fesabile to stay in Brisbane City that weekend.

So I chose to stay at the Brisbane City YHA (YHA) and the main benefits, especially on that particular weekend is the LOCATION.

I prefer to be close to Suncorp Stadium, particularly when there’s a rugby match on as when I’ve got equipment to carry or I’m going to have a few bevvies with my mates on the Caxton Street precinct.

But also I love to be able save a few dollars when it comes to travelling, whether it’s locally or even internationally, and the Hostelling International (HI) brand are, without of doubt, the premier hostel worldwide.

YHA Australia is a membership-based, not for profit association, with all profits going back into the hostels and the experience they provide.

However you do not have to be a member to stay there, it is usually a $4 or $5 increase in price per night but having membership does have its benefits, particularly if you decide to travel overseas to any HI Hostels around the world.

These costs you pay for membership will seen immediately with the minimum standards that are kept at each hostel, eg; cleanliness, guest experiences and guest interaction.

The YHA is Brisbane’s newest hostel located in the Upper Roma St area of Brisbane City. It is a 600m walk from the Roma Street Transit Centre, which is the major transport centre in Brisbane, with long and short distance buses and trains stopping at the Transit Centre.

It is also a short walk from Brisbane’s major attractions, Southbank Parklands, Queen Street Mall, Suncorp Stadium and the Brisbane Sign to name a few.

The YHA sleeps 373 persons in varied sleeping arrangements, from dorm styles, twin rooms, doubles and even family style rooms as well. All rooms are equipped and modernised with air conditioning which was essential that particular weekend with the temperatures reaching over 40 degrees Celsius.

After a few little insights to the Hostel, the YHA and also HI as well, here is my full review of my experience at the YHA Brisbane City.

PLEASE NOTE That I will be discussing my experiences in a 4 bed female dorm with ensuite.


SERVICE: Upon arrival I was welcomed with a smile and the greeted me with much professionalism, they treated me like they were expecting my arrival.

Upon departure unfortunately was a different story, the lady was very unhelpful and rude, especially when I asked if I could put my bag in storage for the day until I returned as it was not possible for me to take my bag to Suncorp Stadium with me.

She demanded that I had to pay money to use a locker and was not helpful in anyway.
When it was revealed by another staff member that I was the one reviewing the premises, her demeanour completely changed and she was more than happy for me to put my bag in the day storage room at no charge and wanted to look after me as much as she could with other requests I had.

A few days later I returned as I wished to finish the photography for the review, and she did not greet me, she gave me an access card with a scrowl on her face.

The great thing, unlike other Hostels, Reception is open 24 hours. However between 11pm & 6am, service is limited, if you are planning to arrive or leave between those hours, management does ask that you notify them prior to arrival.

ROOM: Was immaculately clean and on the bed were clean sheets + a pillow & duvet was available for you to make your bed.

I managed to get a bottom bunk which is great as in Australian and Kiwi HI Hostels they do not reserve your bunks nor do you have an assigned bunk given to you whereas in other HI Hostels I’ve stayed in around the world, they do have this option; which is beneficial for those who may have movement issues but still want to travel on a budget.

You will get some noise from the train line underneath the building however it’s variable on how much of a deep sleeper you are.

The room has timed air conditioning which is permanently set on 24 degrees Celcius. The room also come with individual reading lights and individual lockers, however there was not enough power points (just 2 plugs!) in the dorm to cater for the guests, it was lucky I had a power pack so then, others in my room could charge their cameras and phones.

ENSUITE BATHROOM: Standard bathroom, the shower did have a bad smell from the drain, and the shower head just sprayed and needed a good dose of CLR (a chemical used to eliminate calcium, lime or rust build up) however, there is also a shared bathroom which was a lot better as it’s cleaned more frequently with a decent showers and no drain smell.

HOSTEL FACILITES: There is a wide range of facilities at the YHA with a full kitchen, refrigerators and individual pantries for anyone wishing to cook their food, and why not when you have an amazing outdoor dining area with views looking over Brisbane CBD and the Southbank Parklands area.

There is a rooftop pool as well which was refreshing especially on a very hot day after working at Suncorp Stadium.

There is also a games room, lounge, quiet room and also a bar and cafe as well on site. All the facilities were well maintained and easily accessible. The bar and cafe was reasonably priced, however I did not eat there so I am unsure on the portions or quality of food.

There is parking on site, however it is limited, the YHA does recommend to check in advance if they have any parking available. Due to its location to Suncorp Stadium, on event days there is parking restrictions in the area, which means parking on the street is a no go unless you wish to have spend a few hundred dollars extra on your travels or have the risk of having your car impounded.

You can park your car at the Brisbane Transit Centre, however it is VERY expensive, with it costing anything over $100 for a few hours of parking on event day.

The YHA also offers a tour desk and bookings at other YHA’s in Australia if you wish to move on to another location. They can help you if you wish to visit attractions such as Lone Pine Sanctuary, Suncorp Stadium or the XXXX Brewery.

LOCATION: The YHA is located at 392 Upper Roma Street, Brisbane City, and is about a 600 metre walk from Roma St Transit Centre. It is a 2 minute walk from Suncorp Stadium. Across the road in The Barracks Precinct there is a Coles Supermarket where you can purchase groceries for a reasonable price, and there is also cafes and restaurants that are on the more pricey side, and a great cinema if you find yourself looking for ideas on a rainy day. It is also a 2 minute walk from the Caxton St precinct which has some of the best nightlife that Brisbane has to offer.

OVERALL: The premises, the location and what they had on offer for the guests were excellent, lots of space, lots of touristy opportunities and accommodation to be booked in and around Brisbane at the YHA.

The room could do with some small updates such as more power plugs and not having the air conditioner set on a timer as well, as during the weekend I stayed, it was exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Other than that, it was a comfortable very tidy room, the bed was in a good state plus was a clean mattress.

Service was very much hit and miss, I got excellent service on check in however upon check out I was given rude, condescending service which quickly changed upon discovery that I was “that guest” reviewing the premises.


392 Upper Roma Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Ph +61 7 3236 1004



Lauren stayed at YHA Brisbane City as a guest of YHA Australia. 

Check out this YouTube video for a more interactive feel of the premises.



  1. Wow, the place looks really clean and has some awesome common areas. I loved your photo log as it really gives the traveler an excellent idea of what to expect. I would certainly stay there and appreciate your post for the useful information.


  2. Its so lovely to have a hostel with a pool…makes me feel that I have upgraded :-). I love a hostel with a good kitchen…as I am a vegetarian, it helps me even more. Hope they improve the service levels to have many more satisfied customers!


  3. I appreciate you leaving an honest review. I’m always wondering about comped stays and whether reviewers don’t actually reveal the whole story so as not to upset the establishment, but kudos to you for telling it like it is! Especially about the service. It typically is hit and miss at a lot of places. Cheers!


    1. I feel that being honest about things can help them give better service for next time. I have been travelling all around the world and had excellent service everywhere when I’ve checked in or out of an accommodation establishment, perhaps it was because of me reviewing it but it was something that could not be unnoticed


  4. The hostel looks nice. I’d love to dip into that rooftop pool! Sorry to hear the service wasn’t that great, though. Funny how people suddenly go from not offering free storage, to be totally cool with it as soon as they learn you’re gonna review the place on your blog…


    1. I dipped in the pool on the Friday night and Saturday afternoon – so refreshing! I’m not so concerned about the service as much, one reason why is that I hope it helps improve the business for next time.


  5. I never expected for a YHA to look like THAT! Lol. I don’t know what I was thinking, probably read so many nightmare stories but this one looks really good! Shame that the staff upon check out was rude to you and suddenly changed her attitude when she realized who you were but good for you for writing about it still. :p


    1. People have this assumption that hostels are dirty and full of backpackers. I’ve come across some really great ones in my travels, those that are under the HI brand as well and I’ve also stayed in many single and double rooms by myself as well!


  6. Lovely detailed review of the place and it does look really nice and clean. I feel service is often a huge part in the tourism industry so one – especially sitting at the reception – has to be patient and friendly. Still, it looks like a cool place to stay a few days for cheap.


  7. Oh, how I miss Brisbane. I have stayed in many hostels there while living on the Gold Coast. This one seems nice, but when service depends on whether you are reviewing or not, that seems like a big negative. The rest of the hostel seems nice and clean though. Great pictures as well 🙂


  8. Hostels can really be a mixed bag. I’m glad that the facilities were so clean and that the location was good. But it’s too bad that the service on checkout was not good. It still seems like this is a place worth considering when I am in Brisbane.


    1. Out of all the travels I’ve made in the last 3 years, I’ve stayed in 2 hotels, all the rest hostels or camping. Only 1 hostel disappointed my experience. 1 out of over 20.


    1. Out of all the travels I’ve made in the last 3 years, I’ve stayed in 2 hotels, all the rest hostels or camping. Only 1 hostel disappointed my experience. 1 out of over 20.


  9. A really straightforward review. Good of you to tell the truth about the showers. Hopefully they’ll fix them soon. The pool did look a lot more appealing.
    Thanks for posting.


    1. People have this negative impression of a hostel though. No you don’t have to stay in a dorm, they do cater for all types of people with twin and double rooms and even family rooms. In all the travels I’ve done in the last few years, I’ve only stayed in 2 hotels and all the rest were hostels or camping. Out of all the hostels I’ve stayed in, only one was disappointing


  10. One of the things I always look for in a hostel is the cleanliness and I could see how immaculate it was. Even the bathroom was really clean which is great. I like how it’s so close to everything and there’s a map to tell you what’s up. My favorite part was the rooftop overlooking the city.


  11. This is really helpful. I’ve not used a YHA for a long while now and back then we didn’t have the benefit of reviews like this.


  12. Nice review – looks like there are a lot of amenities for a hostel. Found the story about the desk clerk funny. It never ceases to amaze me that ill-tempered people would choose to work in hospitality!


    1. People have this assumption that hostels are dirty and full of backpackers. In all the travels I’ve done, I’ve stayed in 2 hotels, 11 camp grounds and over 25 hostels. Of all the hostels I’ve stayed at, only one hostel has been dirty and unkept, and that was in Japan.


  13. I haven;t stayed in hostels before but it’s something I’d love to experience. This one definitely seems like one of the cleaner and nicer ones I’ve come across online. Thanks for such a detailed review!


    1. People have this assumption that hostels are dirty and full of backpackers. In all the travels I’ve done, I’ve stayed in 2 hotels, 11 camp grounds and over 25 hostels. Of all the hostels I’ve stayed at, only one hostel has been dirty and unkept, and that was in Japan.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The YHA as a whole was not hit and miss, it was a small part of the service that was a bit ordinary, but other than that it was a really great place to stay.


  14. It is such a pity that as a rule of Hospitality, the hospitality providers don’t understand the importance of talking properly to the guests. No matter how shabby the arrangements ( not applicable to this case) a sweet talking hospitality provider is the key to a good stay and fond memories. However thanks for sharing the post.
    (Ambuj Saxena )


    1. The one incident was a minor scar on the whole experience though. I still rate it as an excellent stay and I’d recommend people to stay there.

      Also – this gives the business a chance to improve themselves for next time.


  15. Friendly staff and a decent number of plugs are two things that can really make a difference to a hostel stay! Pool looks great though, that would definitely tempt me.


  16. This place is a wonder! The accommodation is pretty decent, more than expected and the facilities provided also seem really good. The pool and staff and the kitchen as well seemed amazing.


  17. The accommodation looks good. But above all, thanks for a very honest review. Sometimes, one experience do leave a minor scar. Great that you didn’t let it go, rather decided to put it in your review.


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