Every Thursday will be a new vlog from my trip to Seoul, South Korea in September 2016. I do apologise for the delay in publishing my blog to coincide with this vlog, however, I have been working and also having some really bad days with my autoimmune disease.

When I was in Seoul in September 2016 my must do on my list of things to visit was Gwangjang Market.

Gwangjang Market is South Korea’s oldest functioning market, it was established in 1905 and has survived a Japanese occupation and a civil war. It sells fresh food and produce, traditional clothing, material, odds and ends plus also street food, which is the biggest drawcard for the market.

As a “self-confessed” foodie – I had an absolute blast here and got to try some Bindaetteok (Mung Bean Pancake), Soondae (Blood Sausage) and also Hotteok (filled pancake). I definitely would have eaten more but I was so full!

It was my first time trying Soondae and I was surprised about its taste, but honestly, I probably would need to have another turn to see if I truly like it or not.

I definitely would recommend this place to anyone on a budget, I spent just a little over KRW10,000 and I was so full I could barely move. I was so full I missed out on eating the market’s most famous food, Mayak Kimbap, which I was so disappointed about!

If you want to see the weird and curio of Korean cuisine plus also those wanting to try out some street food, I’d also recommend visiting the market to get an idea of its vastness and also it’s various delights that are definitely going to please the palate.

This is definitely foodie heaven and it should be on your must-do list when in Seoul, South Korea!



  1. I love Korean food! When I was reading this, I immediately thought of ‘bungeobbang’. I used to eat that ice cream a lot. It just tastes so nice because of the vanilla flavored ice cream and the bean paste. I wish I can visit this market right now.

    Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)


    1. Bungeobbang is not an ice cream though. It’s a fish shaped sweet pastry similar to a Japanese taiyaki.

      In recent years it’s been “westernised” to suit western palates by putting ice cream in it.


  2. I really got a feel for the Gwangjang market and how it must be there. I must confess, I’m not a foodie but I love Korean food! It must be cool for people watching too whilst enjoying the dishes! I’ll take cash!


  3. Oh my, I suddenly miss Korea and their street food! I am drooling now! I love your video too. I must visit this place when I visit SK again. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Crazy to see that market has survived so much. I ate blood sausage once and it was…weird. Not bad, but the texture and taste aren’t amazing. I really love your photos and they make me want to visit Korea one day.


  5. I love visiting local market while I’m travelling, they help connect with the new place instantly. Most important and fun part of visiting these markets is the delicious food available here. I have heard so much about Korean street food, Gwangjang is a perfect place to try all the regional delicacies and that too without damaging your pockets. Loved your vlog, thanks for sharing!


    1. You won’t damage your pocket much in Korea when it comes to food. You can do a full meal for under KRW10,000/US$10 and still have snacks for later.


  6. I’ve never actually tried Korean food – I don’t even know if a Korean restaurant exists in Wales! It looks delicious though.. If a little interesting.. So I’d love to try some day! I’m very much an eat with my eyes kind of person though, so not sure how I’d fare over there. Hotteok seems safe though – I’ll stick to that haha


    1. There’s a few in Cardiff – you just have to google search to find out. Personally what I tried today is the weird food, for a first timer like yourself I’d order bibimbap, bossam or samgyopsal


  7. The Gwangjang market seems like the ideal place for foodies. I have never indulged in Korean dishes before, at least I can’t recall, but the variety of pancakes do look interesting. Great video! You really did take advantage of the availability of dishes while there.


  8. Whenever I visit a new city I head straight to the local food market! I see that The Gwangjang market has a lot of weird food, I guess that’s just Asian style in general, and of course, I would love to go there! Maybe I wouldn’t try the blood sausage like you did, but instead, I would love to try some strange seafood. When I was in Tokyo I went for breakfAast to the Tsukiji fish market, now I hope to make it to Seoul.


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