So I’m back – I hope.

The last month has been so hectic I haven’t been able to sit down and do a vlog let alone update anyone, anywhere on what was going on in my life or where I had been let alone a health update.

The last month has been hectic – the British and Irish Lions were in New Zealand for their 5 week tour. The Lions are a touring side that features the best of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland’s rugby players. They tour to either Australia, New Zealand or South Africa once every 4 years (meaning that a country gets them once every 12 years) and it happened to be New Zealand’s turn in 2017.

Watching the British and Irish Lions Tour with some of the girls (and guys) from All Blacks Fans In Brisbane

As I am the founder and Admin of Brisbane’s only All Blacks supporters club, it meant that we had an event on every Saturday after from 3 June to 8 July. Let’s just say come 8 July I was burnt out, as there is a lot of planning, organising and meetings that go into executing a meet up, particularly when we get close to 200 people on a meet up day.

That was the main reason I dropped off the radar, I put all my energy into the club’s meetups for this tour and making sure the All Blacks fans in Brisbane had somewhere to watch it. Honestly it did suck the life out of me.

The other reason why is because of work, back in mid June I got the phone call that any employee dreads, we are cutting back your hours.

Of course I was worried because I didn’t know how to support myself on $200 a week. So I ended up putting out resumes and advertised on social media if anyone knew of anything going.

Within 24 hours I had 6 job offers, 2 interviews and someone suggested with my ABN (Australian Business Number, a requirement for any business to have for predominantly financial purposes) to set up a domestic cleaning business.

So I set up the cleaning business, and I was booked out fully with regular cleans for the next few months.

I also went off to the 2 interviews and waited to hear more on the other job offers as well – and nothing happened. 

So I got a little worried although I had 4 more hours a week that people became unreliable when claiming they had work for me.

It was one Wednesday morning that I had a rough night with my UC and went and laid down and fell asleep that my mum came into my room and let me know that my old boss who resigned with in September 2016 as she had no hours for me, rang up asking if I’d like to work 7.5 hours a week with more hours on the horizon.

SMALL FACT: Yes I live with my mum, but we both need each other to help out as we both have debilitating auto immune diseases. 

So problem solved! I now work 21.5 hours a week, which is enough, especially with my own illness and also other commitments including this blog life I have done.
It also means that I’ll be comfortable financially when I go to Japan in October as well.

Moving on – I managed to lose my passport 2 weeks ago when I was out. I have used it for photo ID for close to 6 years and I’ve never known how much of a DRAMA and how EXPENSIVE it is to get it replaced.

It looks very likely I will need to purchase the priority processing so then I can get everything in order by the time I leave Japan.

All in all, it’s looking at close to $700 to have it replaced. Very annoying indeed, when my accommodation for the entire 16 days in Japan costs less than this!

I do now think of this being a bit of a blessing in disguise. If I had my old passport, I would of need to of renewed in about 18 months time plus when I went to Japan the last time the customs officials had said that it might be time to get a new one because it had been used so many times that it was becoming difficult to scan in the ePassport gates when I departed Australia – we won’t tell them that it got wet in Venice in 2015….

Health wise I’m doing okay – just. I am trying my best to be sociable with my followers on my social media platforms but Ulcerative Colitis, especially during a bad day, I’m an exhausted mess. I generally sleep 18 hours a day when this happens and I feel tired throughout the day and very lethargic.

In Melbourne on May 28 with Crusaders player Jordan Taufua. I was having a bad day that day that I got no vlogging done and slept the entire time I was in Melbourne, except for when I was at the rugby 😦

I honestly hate it when this happens because I know I have so much work to do, I want to share with people my passion and my life.

I do question constantly if I am suffering from depression again.

I recently had a mole removed out of my back as it was a skin cancer risk (FACT: Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world) and I had some stitches put into my back.

Just after mole removal and stitching.

In all the time I played rugby and done some other semi violent outlets – I have never required stitches. They’ve now healed and I have approximately a 2 inch scar on my back, it will give me an opportunity at a later date to talk about this on a separate blog as the day I had them removed was the 5 year anniversary that my cousin, Lindsay passed away from melanoma, aged 44.

I just noticed with this mole, it had changed colour and size and it was agreed upon to remove the mole in full.

The mole in the container being sent away for testing

To be honest I was nervous about the results coming back as cancerous. It kept me up at night as much as what the itching from the stitches did.

Thankfully it was benign.

Anyway that’s a bit of an update of what’s been going on – I will do a couple more blogs explaining what UC is and also how important it is to be checked for skin cancer.

Thanks again for being patient whilst I’ve been away, I will endeavour to be a little more frequent now, whatever it takes for me to do that.



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